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Here are the Slides

About this series of workshops

OpenWrt can be described as toolkit which allows to turn your router into anything between a normal home internet connection box and an automatic wireless network cracking tool. This series of workshop aims to provide the knowledge how to use & tweak OpenWRT to fit your needs.

2. Workhop (hands-on)

February 23th, @CRI, by Marek Lindner & Nicolas Thill

1. Workshop (basic introduction)

January 26th, @ CRI, by Marek Lindner & Nicolas Thill

The first workshop starts with a simple introduction explaining what routers/WiFi-APs/embedded devices are, which of the currently available hardware works well with OpenWRT and what to pay attention to when choosing one of them. The presentation of the OpenWRT project and its method of operating will be followed by a hands-on OpenWRT installation on some real devices and demonstration how to use it in a virtual machine. After completing the first session each attendee should possess the basic knowledge required for the follow-up topics.

Prepare this Workshop

You may bring a notebook with a virtual machine (like qemu/virtual box/etc) pre-installed to run OpenWRT on your notebook. You also may bring one of your routers along if you are curious to learn more about it.

source: http://openwrt.org/

Upcoming OpenWRT related workshops

  • - propose any idea you want to test
  • - usable splash page on wifi (for edu and filesharing )
  • - hostileWRT a system to test wifi network security
  • - …
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