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Web Collage with Twisted

November, 24th, 6pm, @CRI, by Joaquin Keller

From Wikipedia
Twisted is an event-driven network programming framework written in Python and licensed under the MIT License. Twisted projects variously support TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS, IP Multicast, Unix domain sockets, a large number of protocols (including HTTP, XMPP, NNTP, IMAP, SSH, IRC, FTP, and others), and much more. Twisted is based on the event-driven programming paradigm, which means that users of Twisted write short callbacks which are called by the framework.

Home Page of the project.

blackboard link

About The Workshop


  1. write a webserver (10 lines of code)
  2. write a webclient (10 lines of code)
  3. pagemixer: build a webpage using other webpages
  4. web collage: fetch pages with webclient mix them with pagemixer serve the result with webserver

Prepare for the Workshop

Please install what you need to run twisted on your machine before the workshop, and fill this wiki section to let us know about the issues you might have found while installing.

Installing windows and macOS
Installing Twisted on Ubuntu (or other debian distro)

The very simple way (probably OK)

sudo apt-get install python-twisted python-beautifulsoup python-nevow
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