CANVAS HTML5 WORKSHOP 08-06-2011 :: 19H00 by Raphaël Velt

Invented by Apple for its Safari browser in 2004, the HTML markup and the JavaScript functions to handle it are now part of the official HTML5 specification and are supported in the last versions of all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and the embedded browsers of both iOS and Android. Canvas draws graphics directly inside an HTML page and early adopting developers have used it to create games and animations that could only be done with Flash or Java applets.
After an introduction to the pros and cons of Canvas, we’ll guide you through basic examples to the building bricks of graphic development, then we’ll use Canvas together with the jQuery framework to call data from the Twitter API and create a basic, interactive data visualization application.

For this workshop, you’ll need a text editor and a browser with debugging features (we recommend either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with the Firebug plugin)

Pré-requis logiciels : Un éditeur de texte et un navigateur web récent (nous vous recommandons les dernières versions de Firefox et Chrome).