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Web born from a simple idea : how to communicate more simply ?

It’s with a first simple technical prototype that the web born. Today, all the wealth of the web is not in use, and tons of things are to be created.
In this context we can create a lab to create new things with/for the web.

The purpose of this lab is to design the shapes of interaction, to define technical structure and to find the good methods to define the new ideas we want to realize. As a lab, we can create prototypes with simple tools.

It’s in this way we want to share with you in this WebLab. From NetArt to Webservices that symplify your life, or unusable but funny things , there is a huge space for possibilities to explore, with one goal: innovation and creation.

The technical aspect is not missing, in fact it’s one of our focus to design innovation and prototype it. We want to share technics, code, technologies, tips and tweaks. Relations between concepts and technics is a one of bigger focus of this Lab.

We can use easy framework like processing or other language wich compose the technical ecosystem of the web. (flash, xhtml, css, php mysql, ajax, api use…)

Our Workshop is hosted and sponsored by the Center for research and interdisciplinarity (CRI) in the AIW Web Science Master spinneret of AIV.

The Fabelier wishes to thank the CRI who support our activities and facilities, allowing us to develop our projects in a scientific and friendly atmosphere.

We are part of Hackerspaces.org network.

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