Ripple by Renaud Lifchitz

Hi all,

Renaud Lifchitz will present a workshop on Ripple at Fabelier, April 1th, 7pm.
Ripple is an open-source payment protocol developed by RippleLabs. It has its own internal currency (XRP) and allows immediate transactions from/to any currency (state-backed, crypto, weirdos).
Renaud Lifchitz is mathematician, cryptographer, security researcher, teacher, e.g. optimized brainfucker.
We’ll organise a giveaway to people present at the workshop to allow them to create a fully functional account and to play with it. So as always at Fabelier, come armed with a computer and your brain.
What : Ripple, XRP, p2p currencies
Who : Renaud Lifchitz
When : 01/04/2014, 7pm >