Pimp My UI

This workshop is of a very special kind, a UI battle, a Pimp ur UI challenge, an Interface Ego competition, a very geeky cooperation process in order to get some tips on how to optimize your Workflow and get some ideas on how other people get things done in an efficient way on their computer
Every volonteer will show to every one throught a video projector how he handle his basic (and non basic) everyday tasks and then get feedback on this.
We are waiting some guest stars, that don’t want to be named here in order to protect their private e-life. Some says they learn 400 shortcuts every morning before breakfast… we’ll see.
Are expected:
Windows XP mammoth
several Ion3/awesome + mutt experts
vimperator addicts
Windows 7 guru
Ubuntu supernoobs, ie. “Linux is so great, it has a cube”
We’re actively looking for a OSX challenger, if you’re interested, please come by !

Feel free to join and show the size of your UI to anyone ! If it’s your first night at Fabelier, you must fight !