Phylo by Jerome Waldispuhl

Hi all,

Jerome Waldispuhl will be presenting Phylo, an online scientific discovery game on DNA sequencing, at Fabelier, Tuesday May 22/5 at 7pm.

TITLE: Helping Genetic Research Through Guilt-free Gaming

DESCRIPTION: The comparison of the human genome with the DNA of other species of is essential to decipher our genetic code and reveal the causes of various genetic disorders.

In this talk, we introduce Phylo a human-based computing framework applying “crowd sourcing” techniques to solve the Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) problem. The key idea of Phylo is to convert the MSA problem into a casual puzzle game that can be played by ordinary web users with a minimal prior knowledge of the biological context. The solution collected are then used to produce highly accuracy genome alignments that are publicly released to help genetic research. Phylo is accessible at:

TAKE AWAY: We show how the computational power generated by gamers can be recycled to solve a difficult computational genomic problem.

BIOGRAPHY: Jérôme Waldispühl is an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at Montreal’s McGill University and a member of the McGill Centre for Bioinformatics. Jérôme and and his colleague, Mathieu Blanchette, are the creators of Phylo, a pattern-matching genome alignment online game that will give researchers deeper insight into genetic codes and could help identify the origins of genetic disease. Before joining McGill, he received a PhD in computer science from École Polytechnique (France) and was an instructor in applied mathematics at MIT.



See you there !