Multi-channels recordings of neuronal cultures, technics, softwares and their latest developments

image franz hoffman

We invited Dr Frank Hofman from Multi-channels System © Tuesday Dec, 10th (Mardi 10 Décembre) 19:00 at the CRI 8 rue charles V to present us the state of art of neuronal culture recordings.

Multi-channels system is a leading company in parallel electrophysiological (electrical) recordings of tissue activity, behavior. Providing both simplified amplifiers “ready to use”, and a variety of software dedicated to scientific applications, multi-channels system are today part of the best suited materials for brain computer interfacing as well as many other applications.

IVAI (In vitro Artificial Intelligence) Club, with the grateful help of Multi-channels system, has been able to rent their materials for a month this summer, what allow the first IVAI experiments.

Dr Hofman will present for 45min the latest achievement in neuronal culture recordings and analysis, what will be followed by discussions.