Jerry, The DIY Server

Hi All,
Tonight at Fabelier (30/11), 7pm, Romain Chanut will be presenting his project of “Jerry, The DIY Server” ( )
See you there,
“Hello everybody! I am Jerry. I am a lowcost Do-It-Yourself mobile server. I can be built and assembled locally thanks to easy to find electronic components and end of life materials.
Even if I am young and inexperienced, I wanna fight the Digital Divide to make the World a better place.
By offering more control to people for information, communication and data, i will help them to understand problems, so they can ask the right questions and create appropriate solutions.
I won’t provide health, food and water to everybody, but I can help the hospital to register data about patients, send sms to farmers to give them specific tips to boost their productivity, or analyse data to draw a map of water delivery.
I won’t be the avatar of Freedom, but I can help citizen to speak up and independent medias to share their ideas and news when they are shut off from the Internet.
I won’t be the 8th Wonder of the World, but i can inspire people by enhancing their self-expression and desire to shape their own tools.
I was born to follow open source principles: my plans are all yours, you can do what you want: study my architecture, upgrade my skills, custom my body, and share.
I can’t wait to discover how the next Jerry generations will surprise you by creating patterns that couldn’t be seen before… =D
All the digital best!!!”