“Jerry, the DIY server” Hands-On !

Hi All,

Wed. 21th of March 5pm, Romain Chanut and his Jerry’s friends will do a workshop on “Jerry, the DIY server” ( http://youandjerrycan.tumblr.com/ )
The idea is to use Jerricans and other cheap materials to build servers that could help some schools in developing countries to have some online tools and ressources in their classes.

Full description of the event (in french) :

As always and forever, fabelier’s workshops are free. However, the eventbrite.com page give you the opportunity to give some money in order to have the material to get your own server running at the end of the workshop, and to contribute to the project.

WHAT : https://fabelier.org/?p=252
WHERE : https://fabelier.org/where
WHEN : Wed. March the 21th, 5pm

See you there,