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The fabelier, a place to make *things. In this club the variablility of interest and the freedom of action, are one of the widest and highest among the CRI’s clubs. IVAI (In Vivo Artificial Intelligence) take part in the fabelier since three years. Our goal in long term is to build from scratch an artificial inteligent device alive. It would not be a spoiler if I said to you that the main subject is the neurons behavior.

This club, created by Jeremie Sibille and CRI friends, was first oriented on public debates, work-shops and brainstormings. Then Jeremie went further in the experimental aspect. Now he’s gone to the prestigious university of Yale as a post-doc, he gave us the direction of IVAI, to Raphaël Tinarrage, and me, Anton François. From our experience and with the previous knowledge accumulated by IVAI, we follow the steps of Jeremie.

The long term project is to control a robot with an in vivo neuronal culture. This year, the project is to give a body to the culture. Based on the book of Alexandre Pitty Intelligence du corps, we made the assumption that the culture need to be embodied to be able to “learn”. The embodiment theory engages us to build a closed loop in between the neuronal network and its body. We already have the technology that permit us to record in real time the neuronal activity. In one hand we have to be able to make clustering in real time on cultures activity. And in a other hand we need to implement an adapted feed-back process from the body to the culture.

A multi electrode array

Last summer Jeremy and Raphael managed to record the neuronal activity on MEAs (Multi Electrodes Array) and to build an informatical tool to extract and visualize interesting data. This work enable us to think to get into the next step of the project.

For the first time in literature, we focuse the burst firering rate, rather than only the action potentials. As a first step in this year project, we aim to show a correlation with the form of the bursts and the origin of this activity.


For more information about the club, please contact us :

Anton François : anton.francois134@gmail.com

Raphaël Tinarrage : raphael.tinarrage@gmail.com