Hybrid Earth, Mixed reality at planet scale, April 24th, 7pm

Presentations and demos by the Hybrid Earth team at Orange Labs
Joaquin Keller, Researcher
wetware/hardware/software: mixing biological and digital realities
Today’s reality is perceived/computed jointly by mind and machines…
Raluca Diaconu, PhD student, LIP6
Kiwano: scalability for hybrid worlds or how to fit millions of participants in a common virtual space
Bonus: an open steaming api to connect to kiwano
Jean de Campredon, Elodie Triponez, M2 students, at Télécom Paristech and EPFL (resp.)
A first demo of Hybrid Earth, bring your laptops and android devices to join us.
Hybrid Earth is a scenario based on the idea that, in a near future, smartphones will be augmented reality goggles with embedded cameras (à la google glass devices). These many geolocated cameras and other sensors help in building a mirror world (think streetview), a realtime copy of our physical world accessible through the web.
The mirror world is populated with data, avatars and bots that are visible through the augmented reality goggles. A world this size –as big as the real world and the web combined– can only be built with the contribution of everyone on top of an open and scalable infrastructure.

When: Wednesday, April 24th starting at 7pm
Where: http://www.cri-paris.org/en/accueil-cri/informations-pratiques/