GIT by Guillaume Turri

GIT guillaume turri fabelier

GIT guillaume turri fabelier

Workshop on GIT by Guillaume Turri at Fabelier, January 9th, 7:30pm

First part of GIT workshop oriented toward beginners, to make sure we’re all familiar with basic notions.

Please, come to the workshop with GIT installed on your computer and an active Github account.

In order to have more collaborative part, everyone could:

– ask questions about Git (“how does this particular thing works?”
“Last week I’ve struggled with this situation, how could I have handle
it in a clever way?” “I often do xxx and it seems cumbersome, how
could I do it more efficiently?”, …)

– share their pro-tips (“The day I discovered the command / option /
.gitconfig line /  tool / trick yyy, my life became even more

So it could be great if you could please prepare your questions (there
are no dumb questions here: we’ve all been noob with Git) and some
tips you’ll want to share.



WHEN : January 9th, 7:30pm ::