Faclab presentation

Founder of Faclab will be at fabelier tuesday june the 12th (tomorrow), 7pm, to introduce their fablab and meet fabelier’s crew.

The FacLab is the first French FabLab hosted by a University (Cergy-Pontoise).

Open to all, from monday to friday, 01:00pm to 6:00pm, access is free if you accept to share, participate and document yours projects.

The FacLab provides its visitors with tools, computers, but also 3D Printers, laser cutters, soldering irons or sewing machines.
They practice open innovation and collaboration, to turn ideas and bits into objects and matter.
FabLabs were first invented in the MIT, and now cover the world, in a network of places all agreeing on the same chart.
The FacLab specializes in pedagogy, and is used as a resource by other courses in the University.

Emmanuelle Roux and Laurent Ricard are the creators of the FacLab. They will present it, and answer your questions about the philosophy and day to day life of a FabLab.
WHAT : https://fabelier.org/faclab-presentation/

WHERE : https://fabelier.org/where

WHEN : https://fabelier.org/events-agenda