Fabelier’s General Assembly + Hackerpaces Christmas Party

Hi all,
Wed. 21th of December, from 7pm to 9pm we will do a kind of “General Assembly” of Fabelier. We’ll try to think about past, present and future of Fabelier, its projects, workshops, organization, what can be improved, changed, added, removed, etc, etc…
I’ll try to list some of the questions that could be discussed, please add anything you want : http://framapad.org/5H0UYFYWUC
All of you are more than welcome to join ! If you want to follow the meeting online, let me know, i’ll try to set up something.
After that (around 9pm), let’s share some food and drinks for the “Hackerspace Christmas Party” :) around some informal talks about what we do, discover, hack, build, enjoy to better know each other hackerspaces, associations, groups, interests are after.
See you there !
All best,