AARON SWARTZ Hackathon & “Hack your PhD”

Saturday 26th of january there will be two event :

15:00 to 19:00 – Hack your phd :

“Hack your Phd” launched in October 2012. Brings together a diverse community of doctoral researchers, designers and social entrepreneurs around the issues of Open Science. The goal here is to set up workshops (or “hackatons”) to experiment with different initiatives of open Science while educating the public on this issue. The central idea is to use the collective intelligence of the community coming from different horizons using the new tools from science and open education.

20:00 to … sunday – Aaron Swartz memorial hackaton :
Aaron swartz :
–  helped create RSS 1.0
– contributed to Creative Commons
– was an early builder of Reddit,
– created the
web.py framework;
– was a data liberator
– founder of : http://demandprogress.org/
– and so much

The idea emerged is to make an  Hackaton Night, and play with our best enjoyable toy (computer code, natural language, graphical stuff, and what ever you want …).

to merge with this worshop some kind of Aaronsw hackathon around the #pdftribute initiative. ( more info here : http://neuroconscience.com/2013/01/13/researchers-begin-posting-article-pdfs-to-twitter-in-pdftribute-to-aaron-swartz/ )

Some already existing idea here : http://piratepad.net/BfOD8GoTb9

WHERE : http://www.lapaillasse.org/  and https://fabelier.org/
WHEN : January 26th and 27th